fast facts

Q: What is a flipbook?

A. It's a combination of a 1882 concept called "flipbook," where a series of drawings were stapled together to create the illusion of movement. In the 1960's the flipbook made a resurgence with companies such as Disney, Ford, and McDonald's using them for promotional purposes. Fast forward to today and the new flipbook. With new age patented technology, we can take a (6-7) second video footage of your guests acting out a skit, dancing, or just having fun, and instantly turn into "Fantastic Flipbooks" keepsake.


Q. Why use "Fantastic Flipbooks" for my event?

A. We create both a fun interactive atmosphere as well as a keepsake memory or promotional piece for your event. These will be held onto long after your event is over.


Q. Can these books be customized for my wedding, mitzvah, etc., or include my company logo?

A. Yes, we can do this, including matching with your colors if desired.


Q. Is there a certain age that flipbooks appeal to?

A. Everyone from little kids to grandparents enjoy making flipbooks. Receiving the finished book right away adds to the excitement. Those watching are also drawn into the fun.


Q. How many people can be in a flipbook?

A. We use a 5' wide screen so this varies but (4) adults can easily fit into a flipbook.


Q. How many flipbooks can you make per hour?

A. Typically we can make 30-40 per hour but this also depends on your guests. We want to make sure they are satisfied with their flipbook.


Q. What type of set-up space do you need?

A. We utilize a 10' x 10' space with electricity. Two 6' tables are also needed. We will coordinate with you and the facility regarding space and tables. We can provide our own tables if necessary.


Q. Can "Fantastic Flipbooks" do outside events?

A. Yes, arrangements will need to be coordinated and electricity will need to be available but we can make it happen.


Q. I'm interested, how do I find out more?

A. Easy, contact us at or call 615.868.9288 for rates.


Q. What do you need in order to set up at an event?

A. We prefer a 10' x 10' area, but can be slightly flexible depending on the layout of the venue. We also need one standard wall outlet. It is best if the venue can provide us with two 6' tables (skirted to match the rest of the party), but we have tables if needed. If your event is outdoors, please contact us to discuss protecting the display from weather ele­ments.


Q. Can I send you a video clip and have you send it back to me in a flipbook?

A. Yes, contact us for a quote. Please edit the video to be between 7-12 seconds in length. It is preferred if the video is in .avi or .wmv format.


Q. We are interested in using Fantastic Flipbooks as a Save the Date card - can we do this?

A. Yes, it's a very creative and unique idea! Pre-made Fantastic Flipbooks also make great Thank You cards or could be placed around the tables if your budget is tight. Added bonus: customized covers.


Q: How many people can be in a video clip?

A: As many as you can fit in the video recording area!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: We charge by the hour NOT by the number of books (for events). Please call us for an individualized quote.