how it works

Give us a 10' x 10' space with a standard electrical outlet and we give you the fun! Your guests perform in a six second video clip.  They can dance, act out skits, use our signs, props and costume pieces to make it wild and wacky or just be themselves.  After the video clip is recorded, your guests have the chance to view, approve, or re-take their video.  Once approved, it is printed out in frames, cut and assembled into a 60 page, business card size photo flipbook - all in under two minutes!

Work with one of our designers to create a custom cover that matches the theme of your event.  Include logos, names, dates or pictures - just about anything you want! We can also have a personalized message scroll across the bottom of the pages like a news ticker.



1.)  What is the size of your venue?  Do you want your guests to mix, mingle and move around the large area, or do you have a limited area to work with?

2.)  What time frame will you have for the flipbooks?  Is there a specific schedule of events (example: cocktail hour, dinner, and an auction for a non-profit fundraiser) or is it a relaxed schedule (example: socialize, eat & drink, mix & mingle at a 25th Anniversary Party)?

3.)  How many guests are you expecting?

4.)  Will this be an event with the majority of guests as families or couples, or do you expect to have a lot of guests from different households? (What an odd question, right?  The reason we ask this is that most of the time, couples just ask for one book, while friends all want their own book to take home.)
Now that you have a clear goal, let's talk about options:

Option #1:
We run  multiple mobile flipbook studios here in the middle Tennessee area.  If you need multiple studios for your large party, we can usually accommodate.  Multiply the number of studios by our hourly rate and viola! you have your price. (Call or email for pricing - sorry, we don't list this online.)  Each studio takes up a 10'x10 area.

Option #2:
Our regular "standard" studio produces 45-50 flipbooks per hour on average.  However, we also have "deluxe" studios available, which include an extra staff and additional equipment to produce 90-100 flipbooks per hour.  This option is less expensive that 2 "standard" studios because we have to bring less equipment and hire less staff, so we pass the savings on to you.  It also remains inside the original 10' x 10' area.

If you want to discuss your specific event,  we are happy to talk through ideas and suggestions with you.  Give us a ring at 615.868.9288 or send an email at